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First Days of Summer

The poem posted here today was created by my daughter’s 4th grade class last year before school ended. Each child in the classroom wrote one line of the poem, then the children decided how to put it together.


Flying School Bus by Born At Home Toys


                                                            First Days of Summer…


Look at the clock

I realize it’s Summer.

I play.

Running with joy,

feeling fast, feeling free.

Ready to jump into a pool,

I am a mermaid.

I splash, I laugh.

Eating ice cream.

Ice cold water is the rule.

Eating anything!

Munch Lunch!

Back to the park,

summer basketball, and

slip and slide.

Waterbaloon fights.

My trampoline is hot from the sun.

Landing front flips, working on back flips.

Ice tea, lemonade,

my cold pop and hopscotch.

Riding bikes,

The Greeley Stampede.

I do what I want!

Don’t have to go to bed,

I wonder what will happen next…

I think the poem turned out pretty amazing. I hope it will inspire you to do a similar project with a group of kids. You could do it as a family project and write about different topics.

Have a creative summer!

2 thoughts on “First Days of Summer

  1. What a sweet poem!

  2. Hey, the poem on the first day of summer was so beautifully written. I like the poem and these was really so lovely. I am sure going to share these on my facebook account to all my friend.

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