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The German Dollmaker’ s Reflections On Inauguration Day

I don’t know about you. But I think if you were not watching the inauguration ceremony in Washington DC or glued to a TV set like the rest of the world yesterday you must have had a pretty good reason…
I sat at home. Alone. Curled up in front of our TV. A cup of coffee clutched in my hand.

I don’t think I ever told any of you that I actually have a Master’s Degree from the Free University in Berlin. Before I moved to the US I studied at the John F. Kennedy Institute in Berlin. The study of history has always been one of my favorites. That’s why I chose to write my thesis on US history. The title of my project was: From Chattel to Customer: African Americans in Advertising. It covered a huge period of time starting with early colonial ads in which Slave owners offered rewards for the return of run-away slaves, and then went all the way to ads in which African Americans were courted as customers after the Civil Rights movement had made its impact on US society. Truly fascinating read if you ever have time…

My thesis is sitting somewhere on one of the many bookshelves in our house, probably all covered in dust. I can’t even find it. But then. Who cares? It is all history now!

So what of it now? President Obama’s speech was very little about that. It was about the new challenges the US and all of us living on this planet face. He barely touched the subject of racism. The fact that he is president now has laid the world’s doubts to rest. In America anyone can become what he wants to be. Everyone’s dream can come true!

To me the most amazing thing about his speech was how he found a way to address everybody and be all inclusive. He talks about ” The Makers of Things” in America who toil in obscurity. Hey, that is us! Doll makers and artists on Etsy!

He talks about the immigrants who crossed dangerous waters leaving family, friends, everything behind. Arriving with nothing but a suitcase. Hey, that is me too! I am the modern day immigrant. I came with one suitcase of clothes. I had to make some hard choices. I shipped my favorite books only!
So what does this speech mean to me?
It is all about hard work and hope! Mr. Obama tells us that we must work hard to make our dreams come true. I feel like I have been doing that. I have worked to so hard to get my little business off the ground. But now it is threatened by a crazy law that did not take into account people like us, the Natural Kids team.

So my plea is to you, Mr President, to hear our voices! The voices of the people, crafters, stay-at-home mothers, small business owners to amend this law. So we can get our due measure of happiness which we have been working so hard for. We don’t want hand-outs from the government. All we want is the right to continue doing our job: Which is creating wonderful children’s items out of natural fibers and recycled, or up cycled materials. There must be a place for us in this new, better, greener world – under your reign.

Oh, and here is a picture of Haddy’s wonderful creation. I love that gnome in the orange jumpsuit! Please, help us free the gnome from his shackles so we all can say:

Free at last! Free at last! Free at last! from this mindless horrible law!

9 thoughts on “The German Dollmaker’ s Reflections On Inauguration Day

  1. Great post! The inauguration just made me so hopeful…

  2. Thanks for the comment! I am advertising this post like crazy! Maybe President Obama will see it. That would be best. Does he still have his Blackberry or did he have to give it up?
    here is to hoping…

  3. Free Norm the Gnome! Thanks for the post!

  4. Could we please not make this blog a political blog?

  5. On the one hand I see your concern, Jenn. But then on the other hand: isn’t this political? About a law gone awry that will effect this very group so much! I feel there are times in our life when we must take a stand.
    I say: Free Norm!

  6. This is a wonderful post Ulla! I loved reading it! I think you should add this post to the friends blog too (if you are so willing)!! Keep it up!

  7. thanks,Daphne! You are very kind!

  8. Awesome post! If we as a group don’t protest this law we can’t complain when our toys and childrens products become contraband. I agree we should never become politcal about issues other than something that in effect could end our work.
    Norm reports that he is starving. The prison only feeds him bologna sandwhichs and he is a vegan
    Free Norm!

  9. I love you, Haddy! Because you always make me laugh.Please, tell Norm to hang in there. All good things come those who know how to wait, right?!

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