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Get rid of Lice Naturally

Our family has been afflicted by very unpleasant companions last month. Well, those with long hair did, and the boys remainded lice-less except for one little guy on Papa’s head. We got rid of it naturally, whitout any chemicals. If you don’t want to use the shampoo from the drugstore (which is not that effective anyway) There’s pretty much 2 ways. A friend of mine and all her kids got them in the same time as us, and she decided to shave everyone’s head. But my hair doesn’t grow 2 inches a month like her, so I decided to take the somewhat less effective way. Here’s the methods I’ve tried and their results for me and my daughter:

1. Covering your head with oil (I used almond oil) and letting it sit overnight.

I don’t know how many I had on my head, but after that precedure I still had about 15 lices when we passed the metal comb. The eggs were falling off easily, thought – and there was so many of them!

2. Shampoo with vinegar +added EO (I used Tea tree, minth, lavender and Geranium)

The point of using vinegar or oil is to drown the lice, because they have a special dispositive not to drown in water and oil or vinegar makes it shot down for good. My hairs were really, really clean after that! But we still found a lot of eggs and 2-3 living lice.

3. Pass the metal comb, twice or thrice a day.

I beleive this is what was the most effective, more then shampooing our hairs with anything. It’s important to use a metal one since they are the ones that will unlodge the eggs.


We’ve been lice-free for more then a week now. Hope this helps!

2 thoughts on “Get rid of Lice Naturally

  1. I hope to never need this.. but just in case. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I had a caregiving job that left me with lice days before my wedding. I read that cinnamon essential oil in a carrier oil would do the trick. After using chemical shampoos, just plain oil and combing like mad, I put a very strong (google it for exact details) concoction of cinnamon EO and jojoba oil. The lice were so bothered they “ran” for parts outside my hair line. It was fast and amazing. Also this is the absolute best comb I have used:

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