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Good Night Songs

Many natural parenting communities emphasize the importance of singing and the use of song with children.   For a non-singer, singing sure has taken over our lives.  Some of my favorites are bedtime songs.  Ours seem to change every six months or so when my daughter rejects what it is I am singing and I am forced to move on (I mean gladly move to the next beautiful song in my repertoire).

 Our most recent bedtime song is by Renee and Jeremy from their album Its a Big World.  Its called Powder Blue

Go to sleep my baby

 Sleep now little you

Go to sleep my baby and dream of powder blue

Flowers in the sunshine and boats upon the lake

Dream my little baby, I’ll see you when you wake

Dream my little baby, I’ll see you when you wake.

What is your bedtime song?


2 thoughts on “Good Night Songs

  1. Beautiful! I just listened to it on their website and want to learn it!

  2. Cute! I have been saying the same Dutch verse for the last 5 years, as I am not an accomplished singer. It’s funny though that your kids want a change once in a while whereas my three will remind me that I have not said the evening verse if I try to walk out of their room without saying it. . .

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