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What I’m Loving- Michaelmas

Dragon Egg – Blue


Needle Felted Wool…


Hand Painted Silk C…


St. George and the …


Waldorf Toy , The O…


FIRE of 4 – traditi…


Wooden sword and le…


Angels playing the …


Waldorf Autumn Cand…


Wooden Egg Baby Rat…


Felt Autumn Fairy W…


Gold Window Star Wa…


Knitted Goosey Gand…


Needle Felted Campf…


Felt Doll- Red Fire…


Set of (2) Needle f…


Michaelmas… an Etsy treasury created by This Cosy Life

Since Michaelmas is coming up on Thursday I thought I would share some links that may inspire your celebrations.

♥I think we will be making a candle for Michaelmas next week using this ingenious tutorial

♥How wonderful is this  this dragon bread?!

♥Dye golden capes with goldenrod

♥St. Michael’s Harvest Song

♥A recipe for dragon soup

♥Sew a felt dragon

♥Bake a Michaelmas pie

Feel free to share your on links you plan to use for your Michaelmas festivities!


 Julie Hunter is a single mama raising 3 spirited girls, two babydoll sheep, angora rabbits and a gaggle of chickens and ducks in the North Carolina Foothills. She spends her days at home, crafting with her children, homeschooling, taking long gathering walks in the woods and knitting Waldorf-inspired toys. You can find her blogging and keeping shop at This Cosy Life.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Loving- Michaelmas

  1. gosh, that daria is so insanely talented!! love the link to the candle tutorial. we bought a pillar and have put a dragon on the side with decorating wax as inspired by *all year round* and the beautiful blog, uncommon grace. next year we will make our own pillar, too!

  2. I love that candle tutorial. I am going to have to use it this week. Thanks so much!

  3. I love that candle tutorial. I am going to have to use it this week. Thanks so much!

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