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New Natural Kid on the Blog: JWrobel

My broodbaby collection started rather organically.  It was a seed that was planted long ago and was slowly nurtured into what it has become:  a line of wardrobe, accessories, home decor and patterns all with the comfort of your baby, you and your home, and our planet in mind.

My materials are all either organic, fair trade, eco friendly, and/or recycled, my favorites being the organic fair trade soft and chunky cottons I knit the cocoon style buntings from and the recycled woolens and sweaters I make the Sweet Critters with.
I design and work with many different techniques including knitting, rug hooking, sewing, and appliqué.  Going to work every day is a joy and an unfolding story.  New designs are endlessly twirling around in my head, and I’m always thinking of new ways I can tinker with a current one:  how would the pigs look in a novelty color?  What happens if I shift my perspective on a hooked piece?  And my work is frequently inspired by the materials I find.  Especially when working with recycled materials, I never know what I will discover or what will come out of it.  My need to not waste anything is a driving force behind my design process, too.  Just about everything gets used.  Just about everything finds new life.  Peonies grow from the linings of jackets and tiny pieces of felted wool left over from making the Organic Lavender Starfish Sachets become the appliqué pieces for penny rugs and tooth pillows.

I particularly love creating for commissions and special orders.  What is better than exploring all the design possibilities to create something just for your special cherub?   What will make his or her little smiling face burst with happiness?
What I love most about what I do is knowing that everything I make is going to a special babe and their family.  Through my work, I seek to bring comfort and joy to you and yours through the quality and simplicity of a well made, well loved, handmade life.  From my hands to your home.

Jess Wrobel

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  1. Such lovely photos and so nice to get to read more about you & your shop!

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