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Knitting a Treasure Bag

My children love picking up little things they find; cast offs, coins, shells, pebbles, insect wings. They like to have a place to put all of these wonderful little treasures they find and I’ll bet your children (or a child you know) does, too. So, if you’re handy with knitting needles why don’t you whip up this little pouch for them? It’s a super quick and easy knit. It also makes a perfect bag for holding games such as jacks or tic tac toe.


Worsted weight yarn (a small amount, maybe some you have left over from a large project) in one to two colors

A set of four double pointed needles US size 7 (4.5mm)

US size G (4mm) crochet hook

A yarn needle


kf&b- knit into front and back of each st to increase

k2tog- knit 2 st together

Knitting the Bag

Cast on 3 st.

Knit each st front and back, distributing evenly over 3 needles.

Rnd 1: kf&b all st

Rnd 2: kf&b the first and last st on each needle

Repeat rnd 2 til you have 16 st on each needle. (48)

Knit all st in stockinette (knit all rnds) for 24 rnds.

If you like, you can alternate colors through this part, knitting 2 rnds of each color at a time, 12 rnds each.

Now we will knit the draw string holes.

*K2, yo, k2tog* Repeat** to end of rnd.

Knit 3 more rnds and cast off. Weave in all ends.

To make the drawstrings

If you knit the bag solid, use the second color to make the strings. If you striped your bag, you can make one string of each color.

With your crochet hook chain 100, making it kind of taut. Make 2.

Using your yarn needle, weave one chain in and out of the holes. Tie the ends together when they come out of the last holes. Weave in the ends. Weave the other string in, in the same way. Once they are tied and ends are woven in pull each string in the opposite direction, cinching the bag closed.

Now, give it to someone special and let them fill it up with all sorts of treasures!

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This pattern is intended for personal use only.

Article written by Julie of This Cosy Life

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  1. These are so darn cute! I wish I could come over and learn how to do them. I remember having a black & white purse like that when I was a teenager. My mother made it for me…

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