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Living on a land (Toys on a Walk series)

Please let Albus and Victoria, our resident dolls, give you a tour of our little part of earth.

For this year we decided to rent the grand-parents house of Papa, which is located on the family land on the shore of the magnificent Saint-Laurent river, in the Province of Québec, Canada. There, my in-laws cultivate potatoes and all sorts of vegetables.

Here the land takes longer to wake up. When we took our walk, only green moss and some dandelions were at sight.

But there are lots of winged friends around!

Of course, the kings of nature here are the evergreens. Cedars, Pines, Firs are what’s green all year long.

Buds are just appearing. Roses, Maples, Birch are cautious here. They don’t want to get caught with frost!

We will plant potatoes soon, as now’s the time. But the lettuce, carrots, beans, squashes and broccoli will have to wait until the end of the month; they are much more fragile.

On the land, there are ponds to sit by and watch trouts. Sometimes a heron great us there too.

Fields waiting. Oh, the possibilities!

Back to the house is one of my favorite view. A swirly earth road borded with trees, looking at summer cottage transformed into all-year home, to the river so huge we people here call the sea.

In the sand we can find many treasures; seashells, urchins, crabs shells, special rocks and tons of drift wood.

Underwater lies more treasures, and all the activity of tiny things living in it!

With the sea and the forest so near, we feel very fortunate. It is a perfect setting for a slow-paced life and a wonderful theatre for us to witness the cycle of the seasons.

9 thoughts on “Living on a land (Toys on a Walk series)

  1. Cute! Thanks for sharing your wonderful environment.

  2. What beauty! I want to live there! You are so lucky to have the best of both worlds, sea & woods. I love the pic of the dolls cuddling by the pond. Just beautiful!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Hope you’ll enjoy a wonderful summer 🙂

  4. Beautiful, how wonderfully different than where I live. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. So enjoyed seeing your backyard! Another place of great beauty and wonderful way of life–and the Saint-Laurent river is soooo HUGE! amazing! Thank you so much -the dolls are lovely also 🙂

  6. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your part of the world! I am glad the dolls are intrepid about nature walk.s

  7. What sweet photos. I am curious what’s in those crates from the first picture?

  8. These are very cool pictures environment, I like to see them. I would like to live there some time, that dolls are looking very nice there. Great job dude.

  9. très beau partage… et j’adore que merro et la petite poupée de zoé soient ton avatar :O)

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