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Make tie dyed t-shirts

Today’s how-to is by Liz from The Sitting Tree, a shop filled with her beautiful knitted handmade clothes and much more. Liz says: “I knit anywhere & everywhere, except while riding my bike~have not figured that one out yet.” You can also visit her fabulous blog here. Earlier this spring, Liz had some of these hand tie dyed tshirts for sale in her shop, with a part of the profits from their sale donated to their local food shelf, because hunger knows no season.

How to make tie dyed t-shirts

Instead of dyeing eggs every spring, we tie dye t-shirts. Here’s how we do it::

• Collect t-shirts through out the year from Goodwill and thrift shops. The t’s in the photos were donated to me brand new with the tags still on them!! SCORE~ Some are organic and some are from Old Navy (which ordinarily I wouldn’t use except they were shipped with the others)

• Wash shirts to get rid of all the sizing (do not dry)

• Scrunch the shirts into a ball and wrap with rubber bands

• Mix your dye according to directions (We use Jacquard dyes~ low impact & eco friendly)

• Add 1/4c. vinegar, enough water to cover shirts, and dye to pot (don’t use it again for food)

• Boil until all the color is absorbed into the cotton

• Wash shirts again in hot water and dry on the clothes line

Check out The Sitting Tree on Etsy for lots of beautiful knitted clothes and patterns like these custom-made robin red breast wool shorts overalls.

7 thoughts on “Make tie dyed t-shirts

  1. Its been a very good technique to make tie dyed t-shirts at home. I want to make some tie dyed t-shirts for this summer collection. I must try to practice it. Thanks for tutorial.

  2. I hope everyone has fun making tie dyed t's! Thank you so much for including my tutorial.

  3. We love tie-dye here! I use it to cover up the boys shirts that get stains that won't come out!

  4. Great tutorial! I love the fact that those dyes are Eco-friendly and don't require too much water. Vinegar as mordant is great too! Thank you Liz and Jen!

  5. wonderful tutorial . …so beautifully done!

  6. haven't done this for a couple of years…thanks again for the inspiration!
    You can never quite have enough colorful t-shirts.

  7. Hi! We loved your post over at KiwiLog and decided to feature it as part of our weekly mom blog round-up. Thanks!

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