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Maman! The snow came to our house!!!

This is what I heard as I walked down the stairs this morning. So much joy and exitement in her little voice! After came the running sound of her brother, and they stood by the window, amazed. I wish I could have captured the initial face, but I rarely have my camera on hand when I wake up.

I’m so thankful for this joy, this present moment. For some minutes, forgetting what snow implies for me, the adult: triple the time just to get out, car to unsnow, careful driving on frozen streets and the cold icy bitting wind. Nothing of that I could see in their eyes. Just magic.

“Let’s make snowmans!!!!”

Yes my darling, lots of snowman ahead.

3 thoughts on “Maman! The snow came to our house!!!

  1. Aw, what a beautiful post! The sweet, innocence & joy that children bring. Such a gift.

  2. Cute! My three will soon have a similar experience when we leave the warm Kenya for a hopefully snowy Europe on a family visit. . .

    1. Oh wow! What a nice experience 🙂

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