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Mini Wednesday – Sherees Atelier


Meet Sheree of Sherees Atelier:

I love to sew and create beautiful things! I am a wife to a great guy and mom to two great kids. They are my joy!

I have a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from MIT, but hung up my lab coat when my daughter was born so I could stay home and mother her. These days, I spend my time mixing up fabrics at home instead of mixing up chemicals in the lab.

I love designing (my work as an inorganic chemist involved designing and synthesizing new molecules) in all forms and enjoy sewing, quilting, knitting, blogging, photography, travel, gardening, cooking and reading. I enjoy having loads of time to spend with my family and the flexibility of working from home and being available to meet their needs when necessary.

You can visit Sheree here too:

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One thought on “Mini Wednesday – Sherees Atelier

  1. Those quilts are just gorgeous!

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