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My Journey with Felting

It’s never too late for an old dog to learn new tricks, I say. I love to learn new techniques and teach myself new crafts all the time.  For example felting is fairly new to me. There are many different types and styles of felting.

I started needlefelting about 5 years ago. Did you know that this craft has only been around since the 1980s? I learned that in a book about felting from the library (See Complete Guide to Felting p.133). I discovered needlefelting at Christmas time 2007 when my husband gave me this neat kit with a beginner’s handbook.

Needle felted Bunny in Wet Felted Egg

I loved this craft right away because I could take it places in a small bag. Just think how much time people waste these days, playing silly games on their phones when they could be crafting? I take my felting needles and make the most adorable critters while I wait for my daughter in the hallways of her dance studio. I get to hear all the Oohs and Ahs of little kids who can’t believe what I can accomplish with this funny looking needle.

This year I wanted to try something new: wet-felting. Unfortunately hubby did not come forward with a wet felting kit this past Christmas. But being a clever girl, I found some great books at the local library and some cool tutorials on the internet. There is one right here on this blog.

I discovered I had all the materials needed in my house already!

  • wool roving
  • plastic Easter Eggs
  • natural soap
  • hot water
  • bubblewrap
  • old towels

My first eggs turned out pretty nice. I found that it was a lot of hard work though. You have to scrub and rub for a long time to get the wool to felt and stick together. My respect for wet-felting artists grew by a mile or two.

The other drawback is that I can’t take this craft with me. So I don’t think I will make too many wool treasure eggs for Easter. So if you want one better snatch them up early.

Or maybe you want to learn how to make felted eggs yourself? Here are some great books to start with:

Beginner’s Guide to Feltmaking by Shirley Ascher & Jane Bateman

The Complete Guide to Felting by Ruth Lane

3 thoughts on “My Journey with Felting

  1. love your felted creations. I’ve been wanting to make the wet felted eggs for my shop. However last year my eggs weren’t so successful. Maybe I’ll try again this year.


  2. I felt the same way. A few years ago I tried my hand at felted treasure eggs. I wanted to make a few dozen but stopped at 6 with raw hands. It is a lot harder than I thought.

  3. Yup, my hands have yet to recover from the soap. I think I’ll have to by me a different type of soap. They say olive oil based soap is better for your hands. I’ll try it and report back.

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