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Natural Handmade Doll Beds

I was looking to buy a doll bed  for our daughter this Christmas. All of her friends have doll beds from the this large well-known doll company. I decided to support a small home based business like my own shop, instead of going with the imported bed, made in a foreign country.

I was not disappointed when I received this wonderful piece of doll furniture by Quietude Quilts on Etsy. It arrived in a simple box with easy instructions for assembling it. Took me about 5 minutes to put it together. All you need is some wood glue and allow about 24 hours of drying time…

Also included was a cute card about the makers of the doll bed. It really made me feel good about my order. Check out the story of Jonathan and Kelsey:

 Welcome to Quietude Quilts, LLC!  We are Jonathan and Kelsey, a young married couple, living in our first new old house outside Boston, together handcrafting heirloom toys and classic photography props.  We are proud to come from creative families – both of Kelsey’s grandmothers were quilters, and both of Jonathan’s grandfathers were woodworkers who built and owned their own businesses, and we love following in their steps with our own creative and miniature twist.
We also are a structural engineer and a very part-time English professor (Kelsey did “quit her day job” in 2011!), an Iron man triathlete and a photographer, and uncle and auntie to our favorite little people.

This bed will nicely fit a couple of smaller 12 inch dolls – or one bigger doll that is 15-18 inches. I highly recommend this business. I am sure my daughter will be very excited to find her new bed under the Christmas tree this year.

4 thoughts on “Natural Handmade Doll Beds

  1. What a cute little bed!

  2. I looked to buy a bed like this…But the shipping is definitely too high for us here 🙁

  3. Aw, how sweet! Love it.

  4. That is wonderful bed and also beautiful dolls in that. I do love such an creative art. I do love hand crafting most and having some great piece of work and collection. Thanks for sharing.

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