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Nature Table, Spring

Mother Nature gave her best for April’s Fools Day, this is what I woke up to:
Even thought it may look like winter outside it defiantly looks like spring on our Nature Table.
 We set the table with a Spring Silk and then added our fairy treehouse.
Next we added lovely spring items in like mushrooms and bushes.
The fairy house is staged for company.
The spring fairies brought gifts for the children.
Every one had a new item to love!
Last we added the new spring animals to the table.
Happy Spring!!
Items on Nature Table Can be found at:
Felt Fox and Bunny by Muddyfeet
Wooden Raccoon and Wooden Skunk by justhatched
Wooden Deer Family by Dadswoodentoys
Wooden Acorn Gnome by katsinthebelfry
Spring silk, Wooden Fairies, Wooden Flowering Bushes by TheEnchantedCupboard
There are other great items for your Nature Table from our team members on the NaturalKids Team website:

8 thoughts on “Nature Table, Spring

  1. So adorable!!

  2. Very Cute!

  3. Kid's really appreciate what toys they have. You could also feel their fun while watching them playing it.

  4. Amazing toys!

  5. Lovely! So fun for the children to experience and interact with the different seasons in that way!

  6. Good thing you had all those cool toys to play indoors with! We get those late snows a lot in Colorado!

  7. I'm looking for a fairy treehouse like you have. Did you buy it?


  8. Fiona-
    As this is my families personal Nature Table there are items on it that are not made by members of the NaturalKids Team. If you contact me I can give you the information that you seek.

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