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Organizing With Baskets

In our home we use baskets as an essential storage system. I find they’re not only useful but also bring a sense of beauty to something as mundane as organization. I wanted to share a few of the different ways we use them.

To hold toys and play silks. We keep a few in the main living area, as well as my girls bedroom. I think having them in different rooms and having different baskets for different types of toys teaches my children that everything has a place and also invites spontaneous play more so than grouping all toys in the children’s bedroom or playroom.

Holding books. Once again we use separate baskets for different types of books. One to hold my youngest daughter’s board books and another for our seasonal books.

In the kitchen/dining area. This is one of my favorites, I just love it’s shape and seeing all the clean napkins, folded and ready for use.

Holding yarn. As an avid knitter I have many baskets of yarn.

More yarn…

A collecting spot for clean diapers. Keeps them easily assessable and at the ready.

Near the door, holding seasonal items. Sun hats when it’s warm out and woolies when it’s cold.

This one I keep in the kitchen, by the sink. It holds things I use in the kitchen but aren’t food related. Lanolin for wool diaper covers, wool wash for the same,beeswax for various projects… needs to be melted in the kitchen. I also keep the jar we use for water when we paint and a small bottle of lavender essential oil that I like to add to my homemade all-purpose cleaner.

A basket kept on the table, ready for spur of the moment drawing and coloring. I think it’s rather important that my children’s things are easily assessable to them. Baskets are invaluable for organizing their things where they can easily reach them and still blend well with the rest of the home.

And when all else fails, we hang them from the ceiling! These organize various craft supplies and hang in my office/workroom.

I would love to hear/see how you use baskets to bring order to your home.

Article written by Julie of This Cosy Life.

5 thoughts on “Organizing With Baskets

  1. Hi Julie, I love the idea with the baskets hanging from the ceiling! Now there is a way to expand the space in my little studio…Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful baskets and organizing ideas!

  2. we love baskets here as well! well, i should say i do…dh thinks they are a tad inefficient since they sometimes spill…still i would take that over the ugly plastic any day!

  3. I love to use baskets! I have a special one for napkins too, and for kid stuff – mostly soft-sided ones. I use a lot in my craft room/office also — so I absolutely LOVE your hanging basket idea! I love it when I come across neat baskets at garage sales or the thrift store!
    ♥ Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. I have a basket at the bottom and top of the steps when we are doing clean up… I find the kids get to distracted if sent up or down the steps to put something away! This way when we have finished it is just one trip!!

  5. We love organizing with baskets too. I keep them on top of our bookshelves in the dining room so they are ready whenever we need them. We toss sandals/crocs in them in our mudroom, use them for all craft/homeschoolings supplies, they hold toiletries in the bathroom, fruit in the kitchen…oh, the uses are endless. And the best part is, they look pretty. Plastic storage thingies are just yuck. I have found almost all of my wicker baskets second-hand and so I know it is very possible to use this method of storage for cheap!

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