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The Second Time Around


I am 24 weeks pregnant with our second child.  A little over half way. This pregnancy, as every second time mother has shared with me, is very different to my first.  I was very reflective and spiritual about my daughter’s gestation.  I talked to her all the time, I sang, I dreamed of what life was going to be like with her from the moment we tested positive.  Now, with my daughter nearing her second birthday and my son, due to be born a few months after that, I realize that I am just starting to imagine.  That isn’t to say this pregnancy hasn’t been spiritual.  It has been.  It has been the perfect balance of living in the moment and surrender.  I have such little amounts of time that I don’t get a chance to read birthing books that half freak me out and half inspire me.  I don’t get the chance to dwell on each ache and pain.  I just am.  
This is ideal because what I learned last time is that there is very little you can control during labour and delivery.  My memory of my birth has not faded and I understand that what is going to happen will.  What I can do is harvest love and support from those around me and within my family.  Support for my daughter and her relationship with her brother to be.  That is where I start to imagine.  I have entered the mother phase of my life a million times in the past two years.  Each time a piece of who I was, and the effort I put into myself, to be whole and connected to the empowered part of myself shines through.  Being a mother feels natural to me.  Being pregnant again has been a great experience of wisdom.  It has given me a chance to be a much more mellow woman than I was for my daughter.  I move smoothly through the transitions of gestation with a grace I am pleased exists.  


I am looking forward to celebrating my experience of motherhood within my community.  With my daughter, I was unable to do this because I was new to the area.  This time I am going to plan a blessingway.  I am going to include family living in other countries and incorporate art to decorate my belly. I am fostering ideas as we speak but am curious to know: 
What are some ways that you celebrated your motherhood while pregnant?
Written by Rachel from Oast

8 thoughts on “The Second Time Around

  1. Dear Rachel, thanks for this awesome post! I could totally relate to it. With my second pregnancy I was sooooo tired. Everything seemed so much harder because I had to take care of another child while being pregnant. My son was about 1.5 years old. I drank oodles of coffee and felt guilty doing so…Second pregnancies are so different. Thanks for reminding us of that and celebrating your's here!

  2. Beautiful story, thanks so much for sharing.

  3. So real and touching. Thanks for writing and for sharing your strength, Rachel!

  4. i am 6 months (?) pregnant with my second… and even the number of weeks… or months along… slips my mind this time around! where with my first, i knew up to the MINUTE how far along i was! and just last night, i commented that i am just now connecting more… indulging in the rare moments of baby and me alone. not because i haven't been in touch, but because i am lucky enough to have so much more in my life to be in touch with now 🙂

    thanks for sharing… and enjoy the rest of the way!

  5. Yes, the second pregnancy is so different, first because you don't have time to 'revel' in the being pregnant, and the realities of being a mother are now forefront over the fantasies. Equally as special, but in a different way, if that makes any sense. I remember one evening while breastfeeding my son (one of the final days of breastfeeding him) and crying because I knew that after the second was born there would no longer be just us two. Sort of a mourning and excitement blended together. Oh, and your belly pix are lovely, btw! xoxox

  6. Rachel,
    what a moving post! I remember feeling the same way with my second and third pregnancies. And how wonderful you have such a support around you this time! It really does mean all the world.

  7. Such beautiful pics of your pregnant belly. You're right, the 2nd time around was vastly different. Especially the birthing part. It was in the hospital, but I left less than 12 hours later. Ahh, I can still remember so many details, 16 years later.

  8. Such a lovely post! This is such a wonderful time in a monther's life!! Beautiful!!

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