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I have had many friends who have spun their own wool over the years.  I have always wanted to learn but didn’t have the mental space or the equipment to move forward.  Recently I have had a chance to start from the beginning.

Sorting fleece, carding it properly, making rolags and then spinning it.

I have even been able to try three different wheels.  It has been such a blessing.

The biggest thing I have learned, though, is that spinning is addictive, meditative and most of all, rather complex to learn.  There are so many ways to grow as a spinster/ spinner.  Once you dare say you have one skill under your belt, you have thousands of variations you can learn next.  Spinning really is a craft for one who learns quickly and loves a good challenge with a beautiful, useful, output once finished.

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  1. I’m so happy for you Rachel that you did start spinning !! I TOTALLY agree spinning IS addictive, and so much fun ! Did you fid that spinning feel ”watery” !?…I feel that when I spin, the movement of my feet feel like I’m on water, like on a boat or something …does this make sense !? Anyway…I did start myself last year and just LOVE it ! Hope to share more of this experience with you in the future 🙂 Cheers,
    ~Julie xo

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