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Stick Streamer Tutorial

We recently had my son’s fourth birthday and I wanted to do an activity that was easy for a group of children to do: we painted a stick streamer and had lots of running fun with it later during the party.

While I prepared the stick streamers in advance for our party, one can also make them with children.  Here are the directions of how I made them.

Materials needed:

–        A wooden dowel of approximately 25 cm/10”

–        A small eye screw

–        A key ring or curtain ring

–        An eyelet

–        Satin ribbon – I used 1.5 mtrs/60” of 2.5cm/1” wide

Tools needed:

–        Scissors

–        Hole Punch

–        Eyelet punch


1) Screw the eye screw into one end of the dowel and put it aside

Stickstreamer 2







2) Fold over the two corners of one end of the ribbon into a triangle and then fold over again







3) Take the hole punch and punch a hole in the triangle








4) Insert the eyelet and punch it in with the eyelet punch





















5) Connect the ribbon and stick together by hooking the key ring/curtain ring







Stickstreamer 3







Ready for play, or if desired, ready to paint the ribbon with water colours. . .













For painting or material inspiration, also visit MamaMoonTime

Happy Playing!

3 thoughts on “Stick Streamer Tutorial

  1. I love these! I think I may make some for our next birthday party. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. These look fab. May well be one of next weeks rainy day activities!

  3. […] To use as we dance and sing the above verse we made some very simple ribbon wands. Even the littlest one enjoyed picking out colored ribbons for hers. Andrea, of ZieZo Designs showed us how to make another variation here. […]

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