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Summer Days

Summer beckons to us, old and young, to come out and play. Currently, my girls and I haven’t been out nearly as much as we would like, as, often we are overcome with the heat and retreat back indoors.

When we do venture out, we’re usually in search of water. The creek, only about a quarter of a mile from our house, is a favorite spot. These are the days of summer. Heat broken by the rushing, sparkling water. Mud squishing between our toes. We make mud pies, catch water bugs and build rock villages.

We splash, we get soaked and bask in the cool breeze that comes over the water.

There is such an energy that comes with summer, the long days, everything growing like crazy, new adventures around every corner.

Soon the summer days will be drawing to a close, though, children will be going back to school, my own eldest daughter will begin her first home school year. And as the days grow shorter we begin our inward journey.

But, right now, for this last little bit, we will enjoy outside adventures, dipping our toes in the creek, campfires and playing in the sun.

Article written by Julie of This Cosy Life

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  1. That looks like so much fun, and reminds me of the creek I used to take my kids to when they were young. My oldest leaves for college today, the days of creek exploring are gone. 🙁

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