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Fun In The Sun Natty Kids Style

Check out what the Natty Kids were up to this weekend. What fun things did you and your own natural kids do? We’d love to hear about it!

Whether it be tending the garden

Or admiring the year’s crop.

Bubbles are always a favorite, as is a healthy snack (just not at the same time!)

How about a quiet walk in the woods to spy some fairies?

No fun in the sun is complete without water of course.

Braving something new,

Some sensory play,

Or just the thrill of cooling off.

Fun in the sun is calling, what will you do?

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Cornstarch play

This activity is perfect for a hot sunny day. Here’s what we did…you can modify amounts depending on how many children are around!

7 children
5 boxes cornstarch
Aprox. the same amount of water.
Dump your cornstarch into a large container. Hold one box in reserve just in case you add too much water. Start adding water gradually while the children mix with their hands.

Add water and keep mixing until it is the consistency of pancake batter. Your mixture will become more fluid as the kids work it with their hands.

Cornstarch and water make a magical concoction. If you hit it with your hand, it feels hard. If you grab a clump, it feels thick like clay and if you try to pick it up, it dribbles from your hands in streams.

The kids loved pouring it on their hands and legs and even rubbing it on their faces. It dries very quickly to a clean powder. I had a group of kids aged 3-10 and they all had fun playing with this stuff!

The kids in my backyard used a 100 gallon horse trough to clean up. I used a garden hose to spray the picnic table clean and the leftover gunk went into the compost heap!

Add some watermelon slices and your sunny afternoon is complete!