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Team Fairy Tale Challenge

Passed down through the generations, spoken next to the hearth on a cold winter night, lavishly illustrated in cherished books, sung to babes in their cradles… Fairy tales, folk tales, nursery rhymes and fables all have a place in our hearts and our history.  We hope you enjoy the results of our recent team challenge to create, and be inspired by, these wonderful tales.


Once upon a time…

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What are your favorite tales?  Do you have fond memories of them being read to you as a child, did you act them out in a school play, or have a grandparent whisper them in your ear at bedtime?

3 thoughts on “Team Fairy Tale Challenge

  1. Just love all the fairy tale creations!!

  2. So awesome, I loved this challenge! So many great entries!

  3. Wow!! What a dreamy collection….Love the puss in boots 🙂 what a great idea!!

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