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Tools of the Trade: Upcycled is Beautiful

Our family attends a Lutheran church where we live. Sadly it’s a church that is rapidly aging and not enough young folks are joining to replace the older generation. Maybe it’s because the trend in churchgoing in the US is more towards big evangelical churches with large screens and rockmusic being performed live. It’s not my cup of tea…

I am more of an oldfashioned kind of gal. I enjoy a good hymn, and I like to be soothed by old rituals. But Church is mainly a place to reflect, relax, and hang out with family.

One of my best friends at church is an elderly lady named Dorothea. Like me she is of German descent. Dorothea is in her late 80s and talking to her on Sundays feels like being home talking to any other granny in my village back home in Germany. She always asks me about my dolls and if I am still making them. In her younger days Dorothea used to sew and craft quite a bit.

So recently this friend bestowed a wonderful gift to me. I still can’t believe that she chose to give me this amazing box filled with goodies to make doll clothes with.

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4 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade: Upcycled is Beautiful

  1. What a gift! I am also quite partial to incorporating vintage fabrics and trims into my sewing projects. They add such classic beauty…and they definitely make things one of a kind. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what masterpiece you create with this tickle trunk full of goodness!

    1. For now I am just looking at them and enjoying them. Must find a worthy project.

  2. Lucky lady! The possibilities are endless…

  3. What a delightful gift and I love your wonderful doll.

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