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Tutorial: Felt Lettuce Tutorial

When my daughter got in age of playing with playfood, I became obsessed at making them. She now has a bin filled with various food I made her from vedgies to dessert to sushies. Today I want to show you how I made a lettuce!

Cut 3 vague peanut form. Run stitch an inch at the bottom. Gather.

See how they look together, edit the cut if needed.

Cut 3 smaller pieces, pin together. Sew following the piece on top untill 3/4 up.

Cut a rectangle, square or circle (I used a leftover) And push it inside.

Sew at some corners, so that you don’t see any edges from the top.

Should look like this. Stuff with wool.

Attach the biggest leaves to see where you place them.

Sew them on with an overcast stitch.

Cut a circle, Blanket stitch it to the bottom so we don’t see any stuffing.




6 thoughts on “Tutorial: Felt Lettuce Tutorial

  1. This is so neat! Thanks for sharing this, Andreann.

  2. This is super sweet! Love it!

  3. So nice! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to make one for our vegetable market 🙂

  4. Lovely, I love felt food! I just need a little one to make them for… and knitted food – so cute!

  5. My children love soft vegetables, felt tosts, soft fruits!
    Your lettuce is great!

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