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Using a Peg Loom

Growing up, my parents always gave my brother and I a craft to do for Christmas. My husband and I have taken on that tradition ourselves and this year we got our family a peg loom.

Peg looms are a very simple loom design that are often seen in Waldorf kindergartens.  Comprised of a solid base with holes for removable pegs and pegs with a hole in the bottom for the warp to go through, the design really is very simple to make.  The great thing about peg looms is that you only put in as many pegs as you want the width of your project to be.

We got a large loom but started off on our first project with only a few pegs.  Putting the warp thread through the bottom you only have to weave in and out of the pegs back and forth.

When you are done the length you wish, you pull the pegs out slowly and pull the warp thread through carefully.  Then when all the warp threads are through the weft, you tie off their ends and you have your project.  We then felted our project by throwing it in our regular wash and drier and made it in to a doll pillow.

Because it is so simple to use, you can make a project in no time.  My daughter, who is three, made this project in 15 minutes with minimal guidance by herself.  You can make chair cushions out of roving, rugs, and coasters.  We love ours and are looking forward to more creative projects to come.



3 thoughts on “Using a Peg Loom

  1. I don’t get it. How do you keep the thing from unravelling in the end? I’d like to see a picture of putting the waft thread through, please.
    Love the colors! Our dolls would love such a pillow.

  2. Hi Ulla, sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. The warp thread is attached to the peg that goes through the waft. When you are done weaving you gently pull the peg up, with a lengthy string attached to it. You leave nice bit on the bottom hanging out of the waft. Then you cut the warp off the peg at the top. You tie the tops together in bunches (you can barely see one of them on the last photo because I have felted the pillow). I hope that makes more sense.

  3. this morning i was looking up how to make simple lap looms for myself, and this seems like a great way for my son to join me in weaving. such perfect timing in me reading this post today!

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