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A walk through Nairobi (Toy on a Walk Series)

Hello all!

Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya!  We are bunting baby dolls from the ziezo label and we would like to take you around our garden and neighbourhood, now that we woke from our nap under the baby pawpaw tree.























This is the flame tree, with gorgeous red – orange flowers blooming now that we are reaching the end of the long rains.














When we lay under the pawpaw tree, these are the dark skies of the rainy season. . . the sun is hiding behind the clouds.













The two of us like to climb trees and bushes, and there are plenty of those around in our neighbourhood and garden.  Here we are in a baby banana tree and a mango tree, unfortunately there are no fruits on them at the moment.























Here we are in a small acacia tree.  It’s difficult to climb this one, because of the long thorns.  Did you know that giraffes can eat the leaves from these trees despite the thorns?  There is something in their saliva to soften the thorns and then they pluck the leaves off with their tongue.























Once in a while we visit the Waldorf Kindergarten in Kileleshwa, and we then like to hang out in this lovely shrub that smells so nice and is commonly called “yesterday, today & tomorrow” (Brunfelsia) because of the different colours the flowers turn.























If you go for a ride in Nairobi, you have to be ready to wait, traffic jams are the matter of the day because of the number of cars, the state of the roads, and ongoing construction for the “Vision 2030” plan.  Here’s a view of the Nairobi Arboretum at the bottom of the hill, and some of the road construction around it.












And in some places the old road has been replaced by a new dirt road to allow for road improvements, while you also can see the rapid construction of new apartment buildings that are replacing the single standing houses.












However, after a bumper to bumper drive to Karen, reknown from Isak Dinesen’s (a.k.a. Karen Blixen) ‘Out of Africa’ it is also nice to be ending up in the lovely green environment of the Nairobi Waldorf School there.


































Nairobi and its environs have lots of sunshine (even in the rainy season), but one thing that is always certain as you could see in most of the pictures, there is never a lack of some dreamy clouds in the sky with many imaginative creatures.












We liked taking you on a short tour and know that we soon join our friends in the ziezo Designs shop to find a new home and explore new places on this lovely earth.  However, now it is time for a nap again. . .


8 thoughts on “A walk through Nairobi (Toy on a Walk Series)

  1. I LOVE it! This is exactly what I had envisioned in this series. Getting to see such varied and beautiful places! Loved hearing about giraffes & banana & mango trees. Thanks for showing us where you and your sweet dolls live.

    1. It was also lots of fun doing! I will write me about life here soon. . .

  2. Yes this is a lovely country. I have lived here all my life.


  3. hi! i love your dolls, they are beautiful. thanks for entering the giveaway, best of luck ! i can see how knittingmany shawls would lead to desigining them. the more i knit, the more i do learn about the writing process of it all. i’d love to learn enough to design one day too!

  4. Hey, the pics shared are so nice. Both the sweet little toy baby are looking so cute. Bye-the -way what are these sweet cute little toy baby are doing in garden can anyone tell me this.

    1. Thanks! These little ones are just napping and taking you around, as most of the life in Kenya happens outdoors 😉

  5. That is really impressive and also I think I should do something like this, by the way the places and your dolls are very attractive.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

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