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What’s New, and Well Natural from the Natural Kids Team on Etsy

Welcome! I continue my trek backwards through the alphabet to bring to you the most wonderful and imaginative treasures. They are all handmade with natural materials from…yes! the NaturalKids Team on Etsy! This week, we feature wonderful variety of artist from who have one thing in common – they all work with natural materials!

Ulla is the visionary behind GermanDolls. Her shop is a wonderful resource for Waldorf style handmade dolls and doll clothing. All of the items you see in her shop are made by her from patterns she designed. She makes her dolls and doll clothes from natural fibers, wool, cotton, and felt. Here is her custom made Leaf Buddy.

Finns and Flowers is a small husband and wife team family business in the beautifully small and rural community of Palermo Maine. Both are endlessly inspired by their three magical children. “We believe that children need toys that invite them to be active not only physically, but mentally as well. They need toys that are pleasing to look at and enjoyable to touch. Most of all they need toys that are fun and safe!” They don’t paint or stain the wood, but let it be in its natural form. Ten hand rub each wooden toy with either a mixture of beeswax and jojoba oil, or environmentally and child safe linseed oil to further enhance the beauty and protect the wood. Here is their Natural Heart Teether.

FeeVertelaine is located in Canada. Julie is the heart and soul of this “oui” shop. All dolls are earth friendly as they are made with natural quality fiber such as wool, mohair, cotton, and alpaca. Julie says, “I always enjoyed creating, it is my passion, my hobby…it is a part of me, a joy! Through my creations a piece of my soul is revealed. I have a daughter, so the first doll that I did was for her…and now guess what happen???…ha!ha! I couldn’t stop…I had to make more. I just love to create them!” Here’s what’s new from her: Sweet Little Traveling Family House

Those are the featured new items for this week– from sweet play toys to teethers – all from natural materials and from the hands of folks who love nature, children and open ended toys..this is just a small sample of the quality and variety our customers enjoy from the fine crafters and artists of the NaturalKids team.

Thanks for joining us this week and please do return again next Monday as we continue to feature all the wonderful members of the Naturakids team on Etsy! Til then, I invite you to browse all our wonderful shops.

Rebecca aka Nushkie

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  1. Sweet! I love the natural goodness! ^_^

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