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Why I made it: Swaddling Baby

I recently added a new item to my shop. It’s a sweet doll sized swaddling blanket with a miniature baby. It’ s always exciting when you come up with a new idea for your shop. It’s important to keep creating new designs. Why? For one thing, it keeps you from getting bored.Who wants to make the same item over and over again?

Also it keeps your customers excited about your creations when you constantly add new cute products to your shop.

Nk swaddle baby 1


I was inspired to create this particular item in my shop by my youngest sister’s pregnancy. I had recently visited her in Germany. I packed a number of baby items that I had saved for her.

When you are only allowed to carry 25 pounds of luggage it’s hard to decide what to bring…So I mostly took things that I thought would be useful and clothing items that my mother had knitted for my babies.

Our mom passed away in 2004. It’s hard for me to think about how she will never get to see or hold my sister’s baby. It must be sad for my little sister, too. But I know these knitted clothes and baby items that my mother sent to my kids will mean a lot to my sister.

Nk swaddle baby 2

So upon my return I realized I forgot a thing or two. One forgets so much…I had not thought about nursing bras in years.  My sister still needed one. They are quite expensive in Germany. I still had one laying around in a drawer. Why does one hang on to those things? Why can’t we let go of stuff? I fondly remember the days of nursing my two children. How can you throw it away? And who would want a used nursing bra anywasy? It’s an item you can only pass along to a sister or very good friend. 😉

NK rosalind with baby 3


As I wrapped up the nursing bra and some washable nursing bra pads my eyes spotted a swaddling blanket. I instantly knew my sister would need one of those. I had never seen one in Germany. They are not handed out in hospitals to new mothers like they do in the US. It is probably one of my fondest memories: Recieving my newborn babe wrapped in a little swaddling blanket.

Next an idea hit me: why not make a tiny swaddle blanket for my miniature pocket dolls? That would be so cute gift for an expecting mother or a sibling gift. And I had just the right fabric to do so. The little sweet pea blankets come in a blue-green or pink version.

NK green swaddle baby 3 copy

My sister loved the little green sprout I sent her for practice along with the bigger blanket that will soon hold her sweet new baby boy.


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  1. I love these swaddle babies and it’s so nice to hear the story!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Sorry it took me a while to see your comment.

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