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A Year in the Garden — Part 5

Wow, the summer always sneaks up on me and then bam! it seems to end. This has been a funny year in the garden. The tomatoes are taller than I am, the pumpkins are threatening to take over, and the zucchini and squash have been bigger than ever! How has the garden been for you this year?

About this time, the cool weather crops are long gone and the harvest is at it’s peak. Maintenance in the garden is simple, just pull the occasional weed and pick the veggies when ripe. Easy peasy. But that doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. This is the perfect time to harvest your vermiculture compost to be mixed into the garden soil before closing the garden for the winter. It’s also a great time to do any repairs to the garden boxes, trellises, and other garden features. Just a few hours spent now can save you lots of time in the future!

Here’s a glimpse at what’s growing here, and a pic of my little garden helper. He loves to pick the veggies and is thrilled each time he sees a new one growing.

Super Tall Tomatoes


Sugar Pumpkins
My Little Garden Helper

2 thoughts on “A Year in the Garden — Part 5

  1. looks beautiful! We also have had very tall tomatoes and super giant zucchini. It’s been a great year for us.


  2. Wow, I am jeallous. We had a very weird gardening year. The garden at the side of our house did not do well at all. The tomatoes grew tall but the harvest was small. The hot weather didn’t help. Very few tomatoes this year. We are finally getting some zucchini. Took forever.
    Our community garden patch did much better. Tons of carrots and root vegetables. I will share some pictures on my personal blog soon to compare…

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