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A Year In The Garden—Part 4

It’s been a wonderful Spring in the garden, and I can’t wait for Summer to bring lots of veggie bounty. It’s been a slower time here compared to the busy time of starting the seeds and planting the garden, we’re just weeding the few weeds that come up and watching to make sure no pests get the young plants. It’s been fun to see everything coming up.

There are some tomatoes growing on the vines, so excited to pick them this year after a miserable tomato crop last year.

We’ve gotten to enjoy quite a bit of lettuce so far, but not nearly as much as last year. I’ve planted seeds again to see if I can encourage a late crop to come in. It’s such a good example of how each year can be so different even if you do everything exactly the same way.

The next few weeks will be important to watch and make sure the garden doesn’t get too dry, especially the cilantro, dill and basil. Herbs like a little bit of water daily, while other vegetables can take a deeper, less frequent watering schedule. Harvest any cool crop veggies as they are ready and watch out for any insects or animals that might be enjoying your harvest before you can.

Next time hopefully I’ll be showing lots of pictures of big, yummy vegetables!

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  1. Beautiful garden! I love the square foot method.

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